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Track Name: Dizzy Height
in darkness in darkness I swim
outer space thats where I’am
the darkness the darkness is air.
space junk is flying
around everywhere.
damn! I’m an old guy.
Track Name: Wideness
Stay baby Stay your man is so close to you.
you baby you! my dreams they are coming true.
although although the american dream is dead
you only you let us follow our visions instead.
Be my baby. Be my baby. cheree, cheree...
Track Name: Metropolis
­This is a rebell night
these boots fit like a glove and tight
The metropolis kids tonight
There‘s one of big five to fight
Blade Charlie was taken by surprise
the captive got caught up in lies
no one is talking about revenge
there‘ll be a trial on the bench
an eye for an eye
an tooth for an tooth
Only the bible words tell the truth
the thrill of coming back home tonight
or metropolis swallows me up this night.
a rattling noise is reaching my ear
a chain or my own fear
a drone rings out in my head
the prickling is driving me mad.
a monotone of cadence
attack is the best defence
Track Name: Feeling
Track Name: Elvis
there’s no man in scene as gifted as you
everybody loves the things that you do
to wear a clean record doesn’t fit to you
so what they’ve done to you, to you

a whole swimming pool has to close for you.
the actors and actresses will play better for you.
a golden shaver is amassing your throat
i’ts to bad noone is gazing at your white coat.

excessive exorbitance let me explode
huddle of stardust grows my self-esteem
to hard to find myself in that dense steam
cause cheyne stokes follows me now

You’re lonely
You’re lonely
Track Name: Nostalgia
lazy mondays
breaking darkness on this afternoon
making me dreaming
in strange reflections

strange days
lying behind me
on the floor
a romantic memory
of sunny meadows.

strange days. put an end to it.
dreams playing games with your heart.
nostalgia isn’t it a bad dream?
strange days. put an end to it.
nostalgia distorts your memories.
& the whole day.